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Things I do with my feet and other random things

I hold doors open.

What else can you do when any regularly-touched door handle is a possible vector for viruses and bacteria? A well-planted foot secures the door in place, and ensures good exercise and healthy stretching.

I walk.

Another way to keep fit while being purposeful, is to walk to your destination. I don’t wait for the bus from my office to the LRT station anymore – instead, I take a leisurely downhill walk through the park. It’s a rather photogenic park, too!

I can’t remember the third one which would’ve made this post have a proper point but as you can tell this is text-y filler. I’ve got a load of pictures to give to paying people so bear with my hiatus for a bit!

And now for a random link – proof that Michael Jackson had a skin disease, lupus, that screwed with his pigmentation! (Thanks Greg for hte heads up.)

How about some more Transformer links?

5 Reasons Megatron Should Have Fired Starscream Years Ago

The Greatest Megan Fox Pic of Our Times (boy gives Megan Fox a flower, she looks annoyed)


Boy wins date with Megan Fox

Finally, one for the road:

Bonus! Rob’s Transformers 2 F.A.Q.s!

For The Win

Jen Ong! At 135mm F1.8 on the A900. (Corrected her name. Eep, my bad!)

At F8 ISO200, plus two Broncolor lights, which were meant for F22 ISO100 at full blast, hence the overexposure (and attempt to recover it in RAW.)

But first, we rewind to how I got around to such pictures. It was the Sony Alpha 230 pre-release preview at SonyStyle!

New accessories!

And, of course, the funkily-designed A230.

The A330 was plugged into a Sony Bravia via HDMI to show what Live View looks like on a real big screen! (Pardon the obstructions and motion blur caused by the product manager panning.)

And that of course, led to a little studio session.

There was a competition also – I wanted to submit this picture. I thought it was rather cool that her elbows grazed the frame almost exactly.

Because I could submit more than one picture… this one won. This is how the JPG looked…

…and this is my RAW reworking.

So, I bought a 2.7″ LCD screen protector for my new Sony Cybershot W190!

Thank you Sony, and for the 5 people who voted for me (er, why didn’t you vote for yourselves when you could?) Oh yes and thank you Jen, and thank you George for setting the lights as they were!

Looks like my Canon Powershot A520 is going to be an infrared camera soon! (And look at the difference 4 years makes in screen size!)

Downtown, Not

What went down in Uptown?

I am just missing some red. (I don’t know who shot this.)


The Tamron 90mm F2.8 Macro on the A900 is such a refreshing change of pace – 90mm is close to the classic 85mm focal length for portraits. Feels right, they say.

So what do you do when you’re too close? Pick a different way to crop it. Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8.

Abandon the typical adornings of the head and get in on the face.

Beware flourescent lights, they cause gradients at high shutter speeds (1/500s, this one.)

Portrait or landscape orientation often determines the context of the picture, so use orientations wisely.

Guess which were from the Tamron, and which were from the Zeiss!


From a long time ago, 21st October 2007, to be exact – KJ, Fazri and I shot KJ doing what he does best – yo-yo-ing all over the front of Pavilion.

Also thanks to Shaz who came by and held my HVL-F56AM flash to be triggered wirelessly from my (then) A700, on a setting of 17mm F13 1/13th of a second, ISO100.

Shots were taken on a cheap tripod in its shortest position.

Finally, I used Photoshop 7 to merge the layers, using layer masks and a paintbrush to quickly ‘erase’ into layers, non-destructively.

All pictures can be clicked on for bigger versions.