Jumero ALBUM LAUNCH [stepping stones]

21st August 2015: Jumero ALBUM LAUNCH [stepping stones] at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Jumero rocks!

The first of two opening acts, Natallie Ng.

Her band!

Interesting originals.

In the back, these banners were given around.

Second opening act, Crinkle Cut.

Ashley the small and the soundman.

Melissa reaches enlightenment.

Frances also shines.

Vicky, replacing Grace as she cruises around on a ship.

She’s using a Korg RK-100S Keytar for her synth lines. I want one!

Never forget your comb.

The crowd!

More supporters.

The inside joke is there, on the banners.


The Ju of Jumero, Jared Lim.

The Me of Jumero, Michael Lim.

The Ro of Jumero, Ryan David Gomes.

Cool cat T-shirt bro.

Sachie rocking their T-shirt.

Jared eventually got his hands on one.

Brandon Sta Maria guests on guitar, shredding away.

Cool that they had their own balloon! Also, in the foreground, the 1 that got away!

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