A Publika Halloween

31st October 2015: Halloween at Publika! Many events happened that night, and this blog post mixes them all in. This is from the person(a) exhibition Opening Night, at Black Box.

The artist explains his work, and a video in a picture… or video frame.

Princess Jonathan Putra!

Davina Ghoul!

Hey emcee, I see right through you and you reading your script.

The crowd, and an artist making art.

Vignes, one of the organizers.

I went around asking people to guess what I was dressed as. What’s grey? Only one got it – the haze! Oh and Pusheen, maybe.

I headed over to The Bee at Lot 36, Publika, where Dotters’ Division was playing. Lot 36 is also the name of The Bee’s Saturday night slot there.


They usually have a theme for stage wear when they get on stage. Since it was Halloween it was a no-brainer.

Another grey person.

Linet goes green.

Melissa Sasavera the sugar skull.

Jie Er is a cat. A scary cat. Not a scaredy cat. Here she makes a Wes Borland face.

Audrey… well, she doesn’t know how to hold a sniper rifle, I guess.

Having spotted Electric Light Orchestra – Last Train To London on one of their iPads the last time, I requested, and they obliged.

I recorded a video, but my camera battery died right at the solo!

I then headed over to BullsEye and spotted Minds Of Neptune.

Love this keyboardist’s getup.

Prasad does a mean Steve Vai – Tender Surrender cover. I’d usually see him do blues rock with The Maha Jeffrey Band.

Zombies outside!

They brought their own food.

As I walked back to The Bee, I spotted this. Uh, bad idea?

A haunted house, left alone (because it was past closing time.)

More selfies.

Dotters’ Divivisection. Woo!

One more.

Jie Er’s frayed hair really cranks it up a notch.

I was fortunate to have brought my flash that night.

Take 2.

Take 3.

This neon sign outside – I don’t remember it being there!

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