kisskillmary’s Labyrinth Album Launch Party!!

12th November 2015: kisskillmary’s Labyrinth Album Launch Party!! at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Emcee Landslyde!

Lucian’s funky hydration system.

Opening act Son Of A Policeman.

The Labyrinth album logo makes for a cool drummer backdrop.

Axl breaks a B string and has his own guitar tech. 😮

Time for their singalong Maria!

Yes, they all put on moustaches for this song.

Or in some cases, unibrows.

Joshua wants you.

I saw them before the show, picking out their moustaches. Yeah, they buy fresh ones for each show.

Jon’s moustache isn’t balanced.

Then for Fire they put on bandannas!

Jee needs a keytar.

Upright guitar time!

Then came KissKillMary.

Adrian takes note of all of Jenn’s notes.

The new guy, Jude.

Jenn makes me want a synthesizer, bad.

I brought my 24mm and 50mm for this, explaining the wider shots.

Jenn has an internal stage presence pedal that is always cranked up to 11.

Caption this!

I love how the girl in the background is making it rain!

The logo’s pretty cool, too.

Jenn can sing and dance. Did you know she was a dancer?

She dragged her bandmate from So I’m Jenn up on stage, to pillow-rock out.

Random audience who needs dance classes.

The night ended with Kyoto Protocol.

That is a cool Thunderbird bass!

For maximum feel, ground your knee.

I bought myself the album that was launched that night. Awesome, awesome CD artwork! I hope you enjoy my awesomeballs pictures.

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