15th January 2016: Melissa Sasa & Her Sakura, at Tunes & Pints, The Bee, Jaya One.

Everybody’s got their glasses on.

Melissa, who I’d know as a solo act, and member of Dotters’ Division and Crinkle Cut, plays solo this time. Her Sakura is in this case, her guitar.

This charming lass took this oppurtunity to perform stuff she normally would not play in her bands.

A noteworthy one is Darren Ashley – On My Toes though my battery ran flat when trying to record that.

And so, here’s a video of her covering Crinkle Cut – Slow Dance. She also plays guitar for Crinkle Cut but does not sing lead vocals in the band, so this is a different take.

Some people who came to see the show!

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