You may wonder why I don’t put up quiz test results like other bloggers do. Why? After a phone call, it all became clear to me.

– People who analyze the results get all paranoid about it.
– I don’t need a result to certify my (insert-description-here)-ness.
– I’m lazy to post the results. 😛

Now, a knockout session between the two websites I know with loads of tests:

– With big heads and all, it kinda screams of Ally McBeal.
– It takes itself too seriously, with the works, like printed certificates.
– It has too many specific tests mostly catered to females.
– It thinks Ricky Martin and Britney Spears are rock stars! :O
– It pulled off a lousy Personality Test paling in comparison to TheSpark‘s.
– Its graphics make it so female-magazine-like.
– The site’s a bit busy so they resorted to font size 1. 🙁

– It’s simply hilarious! The answers and questions have that significant dosage of American humor, but not too crass though.
– Its cartoony graphics are funny, too.
– It shows how much of the population is better or worse off than you.
– It pulled off a widespreading Personality Test that compared with many, many, buddies.
– It’s mostly Verdana font size 2 (like this font you’re reading now…)

TheSpark wins! It owns my soul now, and I don’t mind! So what if it says I’m an accountant but I don’t like accounts?

If I’m not convincing you enough, be your own judge, then.
Emode or TheSpark

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  1. Patrick Post author

    Hey… this sounds familiar. Are you refering to the time when I got all down when the test said I was a cold and unapproachable person?


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