Moonshine Anniversary

24th January 2016: Moonshine Anniversary, at The Bee, Publika! Here’s emcee and organizer, Reza Salleh, introducing the show. This should make it a decade old.

But first, a most magnificent hair color, worn by Bihzhu (who played at the very first Moonshine.)

First up, a most multiracial band…


These guys play fusion worldly music, I guess.

I finally got to see the proper lineup. Here’s Farique on guitar.

Adil Johan returned from paternity leave to play saxophone.

The rest you’ve all seen before.

Some people asked why the show started with a loud, full band. I asked back why musicians release loud singles first before ballads, and why albums start with energetic songs. So why is it that shows start soft and go loud to the end?

One of the reasons, as I’d later find out, was to reduce setup time in-between acts. The biggest band would set up just before the show!

Jumero was next.

Beach boys keep it cool.

Beachy music. They turned up the rockishness that night, which I liked.

Melinya, sound engineer.

Daniel C..

Earnest singer-songwriter from Penang!

Reza Salleh.

Flanked by Sharon Chong…

…and Savy.

Q Sound.

I’d know them by Marques Young of The Bassment Syndicate!

This drummer is one half of the Juny Brothers. He has a killer patch, that when he hits, drops a bass sound that booms downwards and strikes you right in the chest. A most powerful, moving sound.

I’ve never seen Yvonne Chong like this!

Marques on trombone.

The other half of the Juny Brothers.

Crowd counts with them!

Love how he pimped up his Roland AX-Synth!

Brendan de Cruz took to the stage alone.

As such did Az Samad.

I love this blue backlight!

Last act of the night…

The Metaphor.

A traditional show-closer post-rock band with the volume level to match.

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