Feedback Open Mic ft Zalila Lee & Yi Fen @ The Bee Publika / January 2016 Edition

26th January 2016: Feedback Open Mic ft Zalila Lee & Yi Fen @ The Bee Publika / January 2016 Edition. Here’s emcee and organizer Reza Salleh!

Ikram went first, with much gumption.

Zaim‘s got a nice voice.

Niche, a rocking trio duo.


She was backed by guitarist Kim Lim.

Her first song, I’ve Found You, had a melancholic melodion intro and outro, which I could not get out of my head.

You can have it stuck in your head, too. Here’s Yinthong Tan – I’ve Found You.

Kim Lim did some fingerstyle next, with some technical chops!

It was a tall order to beat, but her teacher, Az Samad, was next, with his fingerstyle and double-tapping.

Az Samad & Kirsten Long were next. First time I’d see Kirsten on keyboard! Jazz as expected.

First featured act, Zalila Lee, nudges you into 90s folk.

Isaac Ho, outside, practicing guitar and smiles.

The Message is on stage.

Yi Fen, second featured act.

I love how passionate her performance is, as if she was performing to a full stadium!

Narmi returns from his adventures with a new haircut. Perhaps, the new haircut was the adventure.

Mikha with Isaac.

Isaac Ho with noone else.

Nicholas does the 90s rock voice.

Sarah has that dark rock presence.

Tiah Ridhwani does some sweet harmonizing with her guitarist, Faz Aznam, on their cover of Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby.

Kevin Theseira surprises us with his new style. It fits his derpfolk better, I guess.

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