4 thoughts on “I always thought this was a Click Five song

  1. Triona Post author

    I know it must be annoying with all the people msging you about camera advice but i really didnt have anyone else to ask haha. sorry ..

    um i want to get a camera a digital one , thats good for concerts. and other stuff but mainly concerts yknow with the lowlight conditions and stuff..

    i was thikning of the Canon Powershot A590 but ive read online that the Fujifilm F30 or something is better…

    what do youu think ?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    That’s bull. Fujifilm just announced the F60fd, the replacement to the F50fd, this week itself!

    Spare parts are a part of a manufacturer’s obligation. They have to provide for parts up to the last date that a product is sold plus the warranty period.

    The shop might have meant the Fujifilm S5 Pro, which is probably the last dSLR from them in its current format.

  3. Triona Post author

    I went to the shop today. They said that Fujifilm is going to stop producing cameras O.o thus spare parts are hard to find.

    They all seem to recommend the Canon a590 :S


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