Juke Joint Jupiter June

And now, for Juke Joint Jupiter a certain 19th of June 2008 at Laundry Bar!

With Lady With Wings (with Andrea, Kingsley‘s ol’ bandmate.)

Rock, soul and a powerful voice.

Then came a band with an all-too-familiar lineup…

Prema Yin!

She is as always a Fitness First program on stage.

Joined by Eddy the organizer on blues harp.

And me? Joined by four Sony Alpha users! At the average gig, you’d see one Canon user, one Nikon user, and two Sony users (of which one is me, and the other is some guy I’d lend my Minolta 50mm F1.4 to.)

Julian Mokhtar! The otai blues shredder, licksman for The Blues Gang if you remember them. Various members of The Blues Gang have appeared on Juke Joint Jupiter but never together. What a bummer, eh?

At least Ito sings Apo Nak Dikato.

Obligatory drum shot.

Obligatory bassist shot.

The keyboardist shows us how to boogie!

Julian shows us how to lick some licks.

Ending the set was the Russell Curtis Quartet, who decided it was Stevie Wonder Tribute Night and so he belted powerful covers of Higher Ground, Signed Sealed Delivered, Lately, Goodbye, You Haven’t Done Nothin’ and I Wish.

Obligatory saxophone shot.

Hearing the musicality of Stevie made me realize how awesome he was. Some songs were familiar, and I didn’t know were by the funky Wonder which led me to investigate the song names.

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