Plugged And Played

26th July 2008 – Xfresh X-gig at Plug And Play, somewhere outside Sunway Pyramid!

Finally, a chance to go fishing up close with my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye!

Yep, real close with ’em drums.

And that was Secret Love Affair.


Frequency Cannon with some heavy duty prayin’ to the gods of rock.

Kua Chee in full form.

One of three drummer brothers I used to mistake for one another.



They got the crowd surfing, all right.

Gotta love their expressions! All out schoolboy punk rock.


I love you guys so much you the best!

And then it was OAG.

Radhi, up close, is like a Slinky with no sense of gravity. Or a pogo stick.

There he is, harnessing his secret energy portal…

And thus, he levitates!

Still floating. They played the classics. The crowd was close to breaking the barriers.

Then there are those acrobatic Super Mario jumps!

3 thoughts on “Plugged And Played

  1. KJ Post author

    hahaha yea.. i need to sleep now..
    hey thanks for my glnx post.. miss her so much.. sob.. need to see glynx one day.. saw it the last time bfore i went on the vacation.. sob.. sticked with me soo soo much.. dun even wana jump off anywhere..


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