J&R March On!

The stars were aligned today, and so I bring to you believe it or not pictures from Rames and Jason‘s birthday celebration yesterday (14th March 2009!)

(“Jason and Rames” rolls off the tongue better but I arranged it that way to avoid killing 3 brain cells figuring out where to put the apostrophe.)

Eunice why you stress la? (The other pimple smack in the middle has been cloned out. Then again, a pimple in the middle is better than one on the side, it casts less shadows and is less noticeable.)

Cindy Cheok!

We met yonks ago at Ayu’s party and I broke the news to her that Ayu was married. Pardon the color, I caught somebody else’s flash…

Sometimes, I am more fascinated with my drink, too. It happens.

Sometimes, my camera is more fascinated with stripes than eyes.

See it happened again. I should’ve pressed down on the joystick to force it to focus on the center…

Oh yes, the theme was horizontal stripes!

Oh, and we were at Flying Chillies. Bigger version here (interestingly, Flickr doesn’t have the full-resolution option anymore… I uploaded a 16 megapixel file!

Rames shoots. Note the sinking people in the background! Bigger version here.

I look flattened. Bigger version here.

Well what is that I see in the background?

Cake blowin’ time!

Yes, they got more stripes!

Jenifur the diligent accountant collects money from us all!

Later we went to Delicious for drinks and I made the mistake of ordering a Frosty Guava and Sour Plum again.

I thought it was cute that they were all wearing white shoes. This is my attempt at a Szetoo.

8 thoughts on “J&R March On!

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    MissyCheerio: Noted, thanks for creditin’!

    Rames: You’re welcome!

    szetoo: I still think this qualifies for a street shot not quite on the streets!

  2. Ewin Post author

    wah so nice!

    how much is a fisheye now?
    is it with auto focus?

    damn nice la the round round pictures! haha. poisoned! arghhhh..

    i dont und what u see in the background.
    cant figure it out..


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