Things I do with my feet and other random things

I hold doors open.

What else can you do when any regularly-touched door handle is a possible vector for viruses and bacteria? A well-planted foot secures the door in place, and ensures good exercise and healthy stretching.

I walk.

Another way to keep fit while being purposeful, is to walk to your destination. I don’t wait for the bus from my office to the LRT station anymore – instead, I take a leisurely downhill walk through the park. It’s a rather photogenic park, too!

I can’t remember the third one which would’ve made this post have a proper point but as you can tell this is text-y filler. I’ve got a load of pictures to give to paying people so bear with my hiatus for a bit!

And now for a random link – proof that Michael Jackson had a skin disease, lupus, that screwed with his pigmentation! (Thanks Greg for hte heads up.)

How about some more Transformer links?

5 Reasons Megatron Should Have Fired Starscream Years Ago

The Greatest Megan Fox Pic of Our Times (boy gives Megan Fox a flower, she looks annoyed)


Boy wins date with Megan Fox

Finally, one for the road:

Bonus! Rob’s Transformers 2 F.A.Q.s!

2 thoughts on “Things I do with my feet and other random things

  1. YK Post author

    Megatron should have known better. What an idiot. Though as Galvatron, he corrected that mistake later.


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