5th March 2009 – Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, at Laundry Bar! Here’s Otam the gruff-voiced bluesman.

Otam invites Reza to play guitar while he does a little scat. Ummmphhh! This cat got groove.

Mia Palencia, soulful songbird, on a guitar Az Samad should be jealous about!

She brings Reza up for a duet.

If this scene is familiar, it is because it is re-enacted in the Shameless Covers gig, for sure!

Then came the cheeky Esam

…who is usually from Stoned Revivals but was playing solo that day.

I like his twelve-string guitar!

And now, for some electric crunching riffs, with Car Crash Hearts!

Wafie has no problems with the drums.

Alda summons us to make some noise! This was the first time I’d see Alda in an emo band.

Unfortunately, this happened all too fast…

I have always had a thing for Gibson SG guitars.

Mahani looks like the proud video-recording mother.

Yes kids, rock out for momma on camera! More power stance!

Oh and there’s Moonshine tonight!

What: Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show: Tribute Edition
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve
When: 9:30pm Thursday 13th August 2009
How Much: Free!
Who’s Playing: Hamsterdamnaged (covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Auburn (covering Silverchair), Mari Soul Faith Leaper (covering Foo Fighters), Pitbull Inc (covering Tenacious D)

This should be very, very interesting!

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