Kewaktuan Malaysia

I was sitting with 2 non-Malaysians waiting for a gig to start.

Mac: Hmmm I hope the show starts on time.
Me: Well the thing says 9:30pm but it would probably start at 10pm. The crowd hasn’t arrived yet.
Mac: Ah. What’s up with Malaysian timing? How do you know what time something really starts?

(slight pause before a revelation came to me)

Me: The earlier the event, the longer the delay. For example, if a gig is supposed to start at 12 noon, it might only start at 3pm. However, a gig that’s supposed to start at 9:30pm will start at 10pm.

There are, of course, exceptions, notably in the performing arts, where they are punctual and deny you entry if you are late. My respect goes to those who can uphold such principles!

8 thoughts on “Kewaktuan Malaysia

  1. hanna Post author

    I have been back since mid-July, but was travelling for a while! only event so far was the 1st Live&Inspire series, which had an amazing plan of a timeline (8-9pm) 😀 which they did not really stick to 🙁

  2. Edmund Smith Post author

    "This energetic singer in a small package is of course Tashya Basir, MyStarz LG winner! Her voice reminds me of Edmund Smith meets Adam Levine."

    So is that good or bad?

    Real Love


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