March On The Up!

18th March 2009 – Timeout KL’s On The Up, at No Black Tie.

First up – Bite Me Butterfly, punk rock turned acoustic duo for the night.

Featuring the cheeky Italian-Malay mix Najlaa on vocals.

I knew her when she was *this* tall!

Someday she’s gonna be famous I know it.

And here’s their guitarist Didi!

Up next: the funky Zalila Lee!

She is joined by Nisha Tham on keyboards.

A little bonus – she sang! She did the macho vocals for Babyface – I Care About You.

And then we had Tashya’s Ink!

Bass-playin’ man Nakim (thanks Udjinn for the note!)

This energetic singer in a small package is of course Tashya Basir, MyStarz LG winner! Her voice reminds me of Edmund Smith meets Adam Levine.

They covered Tiesto how cool is that?

4 thoughts on “March On The Up!

  1. udjinn Post author

    albert, the ‘guitar playin man’ for tashya’s ink is actually bass playin man nakim, former bassist for alcentric, current bassist for serpent ash, and former writer for abg rom’s ‘gitar & bass’.


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