Date With Kurma

I don’t know what good deeds I have done of late but I’ve had good karma recently.

I was at Midvalley, craving a bite, and I walked in the direction of Krispy Kreme. I was thinking of just buying one glazed donut, but sometimes when you queue they give free glazed donuts so I might end up with 2 glazed donuts (which is overkill for me, and ironic because I just want one glazed donut.)

So as I approached, I saw people slowing down in front of Krispy Kreme. They were giving out free glazed donuts! I slowed down, put on a glazed-eye look, and pretended like I didn’t see the free donut giveaway until 5 steps away (and that I did not just command them to give free donuts by the awesome power of my mind) and I took that free glazed donut.

It was not too warm, which was a pity, but still, very nice. I know when you give out free stuff you just want to finish giving out free stuff as soon as possible. The dude probably couldn’t wait to go back in and sit and chat with colleagues.

This is not the first time this month I have had a random occurence of free food – last Saturday I was at Midvalley when I bumped into a colleague, who led me to a free buka puasa at San Francisco Steakhouse!

And now, for a random musical link:

Tragedy! Bee Gees turns metal. Kick ass!

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