Desert Us, Eleanor’s Pitbull!

On the 2nd April 2009 I was down in Laundry Bar for Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show! Here’s Eleanor! (Regretfully, I missed Matematik due to The Curve doing electrical maintenance, forcing the gig to start much earlier than expected.)

Plus points for the very energetic frontman…

…who sings screamo.

I find a good way to bring dynamics into the scene is to have the right white balance that helps distinguish subjects.

I used this method to extract tones from the previously, apparently washed-out pink on his hand.

Screamo vocalists are the most fun to shoot – they go into all sorts of shapes and positions. I am not sure how you scream in a fetal position (Chicosci did so years ago in Laundry Bar.)

And then, it was hard-rockin’ Pitbull Inc.! They certainly seem to have had a change in flavor, from a variety including doing a funky Michael Jackson cover, to straight out hard rock.

Not to complain, they do it really well!

Solo! Burn up that paint!

Bang them skins!

Chicks dig it!

(Shot at 135mm F1.8 1/5s ISO6400!)

Whose flighty legs are these?

None other than Zack Yusof, of Deserters!

These guys have been playing Brit-eeesh pop/indie for yonks. Zack has always had that accent.

Interesting how the decals change from the fretboard to the guitar body.

That’s all folks, says Reza the organizer who wears cool shirts. It was indeed odd that Laundry closed so early (11pm to be exact) that I even took a bus home!

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