23rd April 2009 – Stereopath at Laundry Bar! I missed Pitbull Inc. so here’s Altered Frequency.

Those in the know will know this hard-rocking band is no devil’s worship; instead it is Christian.


And here’s a breather, a slow intro…

…with strings…

…to a band Fizul is not singing in.

Avril is mesmerized by the sonic landscape.

The Laundry Bar Blogger (then) taking pictures.

Would you have guessed – O.A.G.!

Radhi popped on stage like a leprechaun and went into a most patriotic song!

Sometimes you talk to the mike and wonder if it’s listening.

Today I felt like cropping all the pictures square.

Fisheye and flash makes a good combo to catch this energetic rock star!

He uh… shares the mike with his fans.

Yes, I was close enough to have to sing a line or two. I hope I got it right.

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