May Happened

Rewind to 7th May 2009 for Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show at Laundry Bar! Here’s host and organizer Reza “Robot Shirt” Salleh.

Prema Yin shows us angrrrl power.

Zaim makes a good base.

Prema is always full of soul!

When she is not jumping all over the stage, that is.

Moe drums!

Nisha keys. (Hmmm, have you heard of a certain miss Augello Cook then?)

Not only can Isaac shred, he is sharp on the blues harp!

Next up, some diptychs from An Honest Mistake. Emo vocal pose!

(Yes, I am processing the pictures differently this time. Tell me what it is!)

Yet another ISO6400 shot.

Upside barre.

Sorry ah Eve Oh you cool but I couldn’t help but notice your very cartoony legs!

This dude won a competition and got to play with…

…Izuan Shah who got to play with…

…whoever is left of Butterfingers! Thank you for carrying the torch!

Couple carries the torch…

…of rock and roll, rock and roll, in my heart and in my soul.

Damn they are catchy.

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Syakir: Replied!

    Sarah: LOL yeah I just got un-busy so hopefully I can get on it!

    Michelle Chin: Hello there! 😀

    ewin: I’m pretty sure you’ll get it someday. Good luck!


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