Fete, Small Time!

Rewind to 21st June 2009, for the Fete De La Musique! Traditionally done on the longest day of the year but stretched to fit the weekend. Here’s Bus Company!

Here’s Darren and Janice, Paramore fans!

The Fete De La Musique was held at two locations this year – Telawi Street Bistro was one of them. Here’s Bluestankers

…who did an awesome job of covering Cream – Strange Brew and Cream – Crossroads.

An Honest Mistake, honest to goodness hard-rockin’ emo.

Guest vocals with Nick Davis.

Shiny pedals! Sorry to hear about the theft Darren, hope the cops manage to catch the thief!

Darren is also in Army Of Three, a harder band.

There was a point in my life where I wanted an Ibanez with a Floyd-Rose-like double-locking-tremolo bridge.

Yo yo yo yo!

Man, they got their own T-shirts, too…

Tony Leo Selvaraj with a lovely Musicman.

His lovely fans! He did a fantastic cover of Modjo – Lady.

Then came The Padangs!

They do the kind of screamo I enjoy. Thumping synchronized drums and bass and chugging riffs!

That day I felt like only bringing my Sunpak PF20XD flash so everything is pretty much direct, or bounced up using the PC Sync cable. Though the blue image below is from another flash – this is all one exposure!

Pasca Tragedy, who is all too familiar – I think they were on the Youth ’09 Battle Of The Bands. They did a cover of Nightwish – Nemo which gives you a good idea what they play.

Then came older rock with Minotaur & The Labyrinth – the classic proto-punk Iggy Pop And The Stooges – Search And Destroy was one such cover.

This looks like a style I should explore more often, having long neglected it.

Eve Oh goes OH! (Yes, she wears a very cool T-shirt.)

Then, I headed to La Bodega Bangsar, where the other stage was, and while I missed George‘s performance, I got to catch Cent M

…who was doing reggae rap, FULLTIME!


I headed back to Telawi Street Bistro, and caught The Textbooks.

The Metaphor was symphonic instrumental-like pop-rock without the soft and hard bits.

Hello Tomas!

Another cool T-shirt and their T-shirt-selling agent. (Yes, I still want to get one!)

Mustard. Always interesting to see strings and keyboards played by the same person, one way band member consolidation can happen.

That’s all folks!

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