Urbanscapes 2009 down at KL Performing Arts Centre a certain 27th of June!

Gotta love The Times and their retro stylings which include this Thunderbird bass!

Outside there was Shahrider

…and Nizam P.! They were a crowd turner with their folksy blues and that Babi song.

VIPs inspected the place.

These buskers played true to the blues.

Way out in the parking lot, were boutique stalls!

Under the big tree, thespians acted out lines on paper submissions. Guess what this is!

Little Red Riding Hood is ready to kick some wolf.


Rachel, PhD in love.

Prakash camwhores with the neck strap on!

Alfred smoking a wrench.

Guess what the line in the paper said!

I mixed this guy up with Tony Leo Selvaraj at first!

Davina auditions for Chun-Li.

Yuna has a lovely white Ibanez Artcore!

In Pentas 1, this long-missing band from Penang made a glorious comeback.

My favorite shoe-gazing post-rock space-rock band, Damn Dirty Apes! I say this even compared to international shoegazers.

Pentas 1 was filled up with people who clapped after every symphony of built-up noise. Most were new songs, though Allied Run, Rebel Scum and In Tents from their last album Ape Kill Ape were also played. Sadly, none of the classics from Valve State Dreams.

Where’s the party at? Outside!

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