From A Streeting Glance

Random street shots from many dates, in no particular order.

Jammin’ down in Bukit Jalil after the Manchester United friendly match.

From Masjid Jamek STAR LRT I caught this view. They were promoting the Burger King pepper stacker. Sadly, all these gimmicks are becoming smaller, and sadly McDonalds is doing the same to its Prosperity Burger.

In case I forget what I look like, I’ll take a picture.

I waited a very long time for crows to fly past. Sadly, the big formation didn’t fly by.

You know, this one (shot another day).

Or even this, a floating plastic bag!

The car could use a spray job in front.

Down the road was Johnny Number 5, ready to catch any graffiti artists!

What a colorful concrete mess.

Set the sun.

Where’s papa?

Where’s papa and mama?

In front of the Malaysian Association For The Blind down in Brickfields.

Wei-Ling Gallery is quite an interesting structure – each level is just built off the wall.

Nothing quite like concrete though.

Lonely seats watch a main road in Wangsa Maju.

I love the night ambient colors.

Interestingly, only the third shot used my favorite Zeiss 135mm F1.8; the rest were done with the diminutive Minolta 50mm F1.4, Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan and Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4 EX (there is no mistaking one focal length for the other.)

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