People Time!

And now, for some people pictures!

KJ the watermelon bearer, for Shaz‘s birthday.

Emily loves watermelons.

Cake versus watermelon.

I took my A900, Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5(D) and HVL-F20AM flash to Werner’s. At ISO3200 I could get the mood of the party despite this flash sounding rather diminutive at a guide number of 20 meters ISO100.

Werner’s, at the corner of Changkat Bukit Bintang.

’twas Mariana’s birthday!

The bounced HVL-F20AM provided sufficient light, if you know how to use it – high ISO, slow shutter and bright aperture lets the flash breathe.

I carried it in the LCS-WR1AM wrap – look ma no camera bags!

This dude pulled off the slow-sync spin effect well. (Most people do it horribly amateurishly!) Here’s one to him as a tribute.

Jump to smashpOp who is looking all prepped up for a stock photo. ‘cept, of course, that stock photos must carry no branding…

Yet another. Join our team!

Korean food from above!

CK, the guy who used to sit to my right. Credit to Joshua, if I remember correctly, for taking this shot.

Pinkpau and Nazrul share a loving moment in Delicious.

Isn’t she so cute and pocketable?

Martian greeting fail. The ring finger sticks to the pinky!

My colleague pulling off a Mike Patton.

Sorry girls, he’s married!

CK again.

Aznin looking lovely!

This picture of Jenifer always cracks me up, and then makes me hungry!

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  1. jen Post author

    omgosh………. T_________________________T

    thats a very nice picture but a very ugly pic of me.. T______________________T

    gosh market value drop – 10000000000000



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