Sometime 17th August 2008, I was down in Malacca with my A700! Here’s the Peleng 8mm F3.5 M42 circular fisheye shot through a Kenko 1.5x teleconverter to give a nice diagonal fisheye conversion.

Sup dawg. Friend of Cheddie’s?

Malacca is colorful!

For tea.

Dad out of frame.

Kid out of frame.

66% crop from the Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan, a perfect travel lens.

St. Francis Xavier’s statue in front of St. Paul’s Church.

The beercan does 1:4x macro in front of Dutch Square.

66% crop.

Buzz off.

Onward to February 2009, when I got the A900 and took it down to Penang. This is where the bus stopped. Serious!

Ah, where I came from.

Templar brought me on the ferry and all the way across the island to Batu Feringgi (however the heck it is spelled – different signs had totally different ways of spelling it!)

The other way would have been the Penang bridge.

Here’s a 100% crop from the beercan!



This is absolutely why you must bring a light telephoto to the beach. Not sure if Waifon took this…

…and/or this.

You must absolutely also bring suntan lotion even if you are as fair as I am. Got a nice sunburn and a good lesson from that!

You can bank on that.

I got on the RapidPenang! Not as hard as I thought as the buses seemed quite regular.

Went down to Komtar, and took this bus back since it was there and happened to service the same route. The last time I got in a bus that looked that rickety was in Klang!

Watchman. (Watchmen was an excellent movie!)

Sleeping pregnant lady, on the bus back home.

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