Sony unveils new Alpha concept models at PMA 2010!

Here’s a brightened version of the stock shot. Click on image for a bigger view! (Credit #3)

The big silver lens is the Sony 500mm F4G SSM. Previously it was rumored to be a 500mm F4.5G SSM. Thanks for the upgrade! (Credit #1)

The smaller lens is the Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM. (Credit #4)

Edited: It has a 72mm filter thread, which makes it not very small. One possible benefit of the lens being F2.0 instead of F1.4 is that it could be smaller, lighter and optically better. So far it doesn’t seem that much smaller than the Nikkor 24mm F1.4 AF-S or Canon 24mm F1.4L II USM!

And yes, I would’ve preferred it to be a F1.4.

Edited: The bigger body is the supposed Sony Alpha 700 replacement. The AF/MF button is still there, as well as the metering mode dial and the AEL button. The joystick is still there, too. (Credit

We see that the Menu and Disp buttons have moved up to the top-left corner while the Play and Delete buttons have moved to the bottom-right like the Alpha 550.

The smaller body appears to have a monoaural mike, while there is no visible mike on the A700 replacement.

The A700 replacement mock/concept is missing:
– PC Sync port
– USB port
– HDMI port
– ISO button
– WB button
– Grip Sensor (after the EU nickel fiasco, the A700 is the only Alpha with one.)
– C button (but keeping the Fn button)
Edited: DC power in
– Steadyshot switch
– remote shutter cable socket

The A700 replacement mock/concept adds:
– top LCD (honestly, I don’t use this, and see this as a waste of space – ISO/WB would be better.)
– supposedly, 1080p HD recording.

The A700 replacement does not have a tilt screen while the smaller Alpha does. It would be great to have, for video and overhead Live View shooting!

The C button being missing is interesting – does this mean they’ve changed Quick Navi into something else? The A200 is pretty much an A300 without Quick AF Live View, and the A300 is designed to be a Live View camera (hence the lack of Quick Navi). The A550 fixed this somewhat with an overlay mode – probably this is what we will see in these models.

Of course, they probably would tweak the interface more to support video recording better.

Edited: This is the smaller Alpha. It still has a AF/MF switch next to the lens release button – that means it will still support screw-drive lenses, YAY! (Credit #5)

Even more surprising is that it appears to have a DOF Preview button which takes a design cue from the A100.

At the back there is a Movie record button. (Credit #5)

They also announced the concept models for their new compact Alpha range. It comes in three colors. The sensor seems to be 3:2 ratio still and is APS-C with support for AVCHD video recording, which is a professional recording format. (Credit #3)

These are the supposed lenses for the new compact Alpha range. (Credit #3)

Edited: This is the back. Honestly though I think they would add a dial to control aperture at least, with a middle-click function. (Credit #4)

The rumors are that the bodies will be called the NEX3 and NEX5 (with a later NEX7) and that the lenses are, from left to right:
1) 18-55mm F3.5-5.6
2) 18-200mm SSM (unknown aperture, but is meant to be quiet for video recording)
3) 16mm F2.8 pancake

The positive on these compact Alphas:
– it seems to look much smaller than the GF-1 and other Micro-Four-Thirds cameras. And simpler too – I honestly thought the EP-1 was ugly compared to its prototype design! I dare say they look almost pocketable in any pocket, like my Sony Cybershot WX-1 (with a bit of struggle to fit the pancake lens in.)
– there seems to be a pop-up flash.
– they seem to have an AF assist light!
– the pancake lens seems to have a hood bayonet mount – whatever for?

The negative on these compact Alphas:
– there does not seem to be a hotshoe. I hope they have wireless flash, or at least a way to bounce the pop-up flash.
– they do not seem to have a PASM dial. I don’t miss the PASM dial on my Sony Cybershot WX-1, but I know some people are all hyped up about it when honestly, P mode does well.
– they do not seem to have an Electronic View Finder or a way to attach one

If it is that simplified, it had better be cheap, so I could use them as lens caps!

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