Double SL

20th March 2010 – Seth Lael serenades Shelley Leong.

This banjo gets the ladies. Well, he can only use it on Shelley now. Why?

…because you guys are married! Congratulations!

Here’s another happy pair – ZOOM stereo microphones!


Shelley has flowers in her hair. She doesn’t know what they look like.

When you invite a bunch of musicians you get music!

She’s electric.

Hold on a moment.

Apparently in America they have weddings in houses! This was not your average Chinese ballroom wedding.

Rewind to 12th December 2009 – where Muazam and Sazai got married! Spot meter and no flash used, to blow out the background.

Amir in the shade.

Azam does a sarge.

Azam senses tracks! Where did they go?

Zeiss 135mm F1.8 does a shallow depth of field.

This is what holds it all together.

Eh betul ke lirik ini?

Not a wedding gift.

Should’ve took one step to the right to aim the signboard at the tire. Ah well!

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