Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, 12th August 2010, at Laundry Bar. Here’s the funky acoustic Zalila Lee!

No that’s not a flash bang, but the LED lights. And this blog entry has pictures which are all GIF files, on purpose.

…which brings to mind that I could’ve made animations but didn’t.

David Knight is a tweaker.

He is also a haunting tunester with a fisherman’s hat.

Beware his plague of sonic noise, chorused and echoed! He did a most fantastic mellotron-ic cover of The Beatles – Because.

Then came The Halfway Kings!

Joachim on guitar!

Gotta love Adeline’s lyrics. Songs about fighting and punching, and the shape of things and people.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob!

And once upon a time, that was their band name.

Good ol’ young (old, young?) power pop and uh… man, I can’t quite put their genre but according to their site, randomness. Which is a good description.

Hooray for not saying your genre is indie…

…as indie is not very descriptive sometimes.

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