View from Cyberview

View from the Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya, one 25th-26th November 2008 ago.

The place is full of greenery, quite like the rest of Cyberjaya. I am pretty sure there was a bridge somewhere there.

Ah yes, did I say a bridge? We had to go out to Putrajaya for this, though.

With my formerly-working Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4 EX – it’s now got a case of gear stripping.

Beats me why these kids are bicycling around this area!

It was one of those team-building company trips. I love doodling during such activities!

Joshua Choo, in rectilinear.

Rames, in fisheye.

Jason Ding, in fisheye.

Jason Goh, in fisheye.

Thani the aviator!

Our mystery superstar!

Irene wants to be an umbrella girl.

Jepf, resident cartoonist.

Zalizan, fellow metalhead.

This shot was used in the papers and magazines to signify the 1st year anniversary of Murai. Which would make it 3 years now.

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