FEYST For Your Ears

5th October 2010: The FEYST 2010: Indie Youth Festival made its round to Black Box, MAP, Solaris Dutamas on a Tuesday night, where I could just walk over right after work!

Jasmine Low of Go International was the emcee and organizer. This night featured acts who she brought to Australia as a random sampling of Malaysian independent artistes!

I finally got to see Ray Cheong and was utterly blown away. Here was a solid blues/funk shredder with blistering solo instrumentals, and songs which are in the key of John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, and…

…fingerstyle guitar-slapping acoustica!

Izzy does sing as serious as she looks in this picture. Though she does make some good corny jokes.

Liyana Fizi is so tall she makes me dizzy.

Ady Suwarty is a solid R&B crooner, the kind that should be selling out stadiums and causing undergarment changes.

The event poster. Hey isn’t that a familiar picture?

It was taken from this blog entry of mine. Without my permission and without any credit. Please, poster designers, you need to ask!

2 thoughts on “FEYST For Your Ears

  1. Jaz Post author

    Albert, sorry mate, we got it from the web and it didn’t have credits on the photo. Would def have asked if we knew. Will delete it from our files. Cheers!

    PS… thanks for covering the MAP event.


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