Dragon Red launched their Resureksi album at Black Box, MAP, Solaris Dutamas, on the 15th of October 2010.

Amil is a good MC!

Incidentally, Adam and Slyde are both MCs. So that’s 3 MCs and no deejay!

The back door of Black Box.

Naked Breed started the set with a rockout.

Two Sides To A Story. Long time no see!

Wake The Night.

You can tell they are heavy!

Ash, for Velvet Aces.

These guys rock and roll…

…in that order.

Rolling Sixers were next. Man I love it when the lights are all different colors from all different angles!

Left: Khai burning fretboard; right: Eddy and his funky harmonica mike.

Roshan of K-Town Clan.

Like a judge!

C. Loco, brother of Slyde.

Tech the co-emcee.

Deja Voodoo Spells.

Shreddus maximus!

I am starting to really bite into their second album, Bite.

We all pray to the guitar god who has played with the likes of Steve Vai, Herman Li and Marty Friedman!

Guest vocalizing is the order of the day.

Wakaka Crew breaks into the scene.

And then, it was the flaming pyrotechnical Dragon Red!

Manshaan on drums.

Amil on guitar.

Slyde on rap and now, the occasional growling.

Adam is the crooner, shouter and the most uh… facial personality of the band.

Camero (which is a glamor name for Kamarul, LOL!) on bass.

Looks like Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath here, who coincidentally plays bass too!

Pyros go boom!

That was not all, though. There was Beat The System, a potent mix of rap and metal!

Finishing the night brutally was Endzeil.

I finally got to see my favorite bouncer buddy in rock concerts, shoving some of the most brutal metal in my ears!

Slyde joins in.


Admittedly I don’t have long hair to headbang with anymore, but I still conserve my energy for Dragon Red!

Now I know some people have written articles in magazines that dismiss nu-metal, but hey it’s still enjoyable and very much a guilty pleasure of mine. So when people bring you down, what do you say?


Oooh! On the inside of the album, on the last page of the album sleeve, is my picture! It was taken at the back of Adam’s house (which is ironic since we planned to travel far for the band shot but as we got in the cars we found it to be a fantastic location!)

I didn’t blog about this picture earlier, though.

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