16th October 2010: The company I work for organized a paintball outing!

Here’s Logesh all ready for battle.

Calvin does warmups.

Field marshal does a sunny stare.

Teams of five.

We looked forward to paintballing our boss. Unfortunately, he was a mean shooter himself.

And, he was a fast flag runner!

Li-Hao. You gotta wear the masks; the pellets may blind you. Don’t ever take off the mask in the field!

All in-field pictures were shot with the Sony A55 with Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA (wrapped in a plastic bag).


Logesh is extra happy to touch base.

Angela is unhappy to get hit in the face. Okay, forehead.

Logesh, hiding from the boss’s fire.

Logesh and Ridzuan.

Yunus and his trusty gun.



I got hit, too, despite having a yellow mask and a marshal’s jacket, being the photographer.

Then of course the NEX-5 and 16mm F2.8 come into play for group shots.

One more in the shade.

Calvin’s love bite. He then got the same mark in the next paintball session!

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