Joe’s Addiction

I have learnt many things the hard way. Like how you do not use the same porportions for making Milo, for making coffee!

I usually make myself a cup of Milo at the office pantry, but the Milo was finished, so I tried to make coffee instead. I unassumingly put in 4 scoops of coffee (just like for Milo.) I then doused it with some sinful condensed milk.

I thought the flavor was a bit too thick, so heck, I poured in more condensed milk. That didn’t help. Sugar? Nope, still as black as ever. (I’m fine with black coffee, but this hadn’t reached the sweet spot of white coffee, so it was icky.)

I drank halfway before giving up. It was too thick-flavored.

Water never tasted so good. I went to the toilet, and smelt the caffeine in the stream!

I was as sleepy as usual, though. Odd odd. I wasn’t even jittery or anything.

It was still in the stream this morning. How do you detoxify yourself of caffeine?

0 thoughts on “Joe’s Addiction

  1. Doey Post author

    I once read an article in the newspaper. It was a female columnist telling the tale of how she enjoys mixing the coffees with other stuffs like mint. 🙂

  2. Alex Post author

    One tablespoon is enough to keep me awake until the sun comes rising. Pee smells coffee? Well, that’s too much for one day.

    Word of advise, drink milk (goat?) or calcium to compensate. Coffee can make your bones brittle (you can feel it when you crack your bones).


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