Darkness reigns in my occupational occupation. The lack of people creates a sense of unnecessary ease; a sense of uncalled for belonging to the flaccid pillows that adorn the greatly decorated lounge near the television. Any authority to challenge? No, none other that myself, who has been unanimously given the helm. Sure, there are other beings cohabiting the location of my occupation, but they too share my complacence. A complacence to lead me to this page. A complacence that told me to share the good news with you.

Would you rather I talk like that, full of adjectives, or talk like a nerd?

The amount of ambient light in my workplace was approximately hexadecimally-coded as #666666. Our homosapien coworkers have departed, making us lackadaisal about our responsibilities. A subconscious state is apparent with the pillows lying near the cathode-ray-tube television. Nobody would tell me otherwise; I have been asked to take over for the day. My occupational cohabitants share my lethargic, inert state, which brings me to this log of controversial emotions. My findings, yes, they must be published!

I should screw good English and grammar altogether, yes? Being a Malaysian brings its toll on language!

Today very dark lah… everybody cabut go holiday leave me alone here. I lazy to do anything, turn on light also cannot. See pillow near TV also want to sleep already. Sleep sleeplah – boss not around whattt! Somemore I got power now. They all also damn sien already. That’s whylahhh… I very bored, so I blog lah!

Alright, alright. Back to my regular English:

It was dark today in the office, as most of my colleagues had left on vacation and so those who stayed back were lazy to turn on the lights. We didn’t feel like working, plus the pillows near the lounge were tempting. Screw authority – I was in charge now! Besides, they were tired, too! My boredom brought me here today, to update my unupdated blog. How’s that?

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  1. dJcs Post author

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