Compliance – Not Bad!

Warning: Extremely website developer technical talk ahead.

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For all the fun, and all the curiosity, I’ve installed Netscape Navigator 6.2.2, Opera 5.12 and K-Meleon 0.6 (a lighter version of Mozilla) just to test whether my site would look right in it.

All the pages looked fine (duuuh, I hand-coded them) but some skins have weird artifacts.

Infinity animates in Internet Explorer 4 onwards and Opera, but doesn’t on the other 2 browsers. I was surprised that Opera pulled off such JavaScript well!

Blue, Under Construction and Classic all work fine in all browsers. Somebody get me a golden star sticker to put on my site!

Green (which is currently the default skin) doesn’t sit in well in the topleft corner of Opera 5.12. (I suppose Opera 6 would have better CSS support.) I could actually get rid of the margin, but it would be against the laws of valid HTML 4.01, and I wouldn’t be able to keep the geeky icon at the bottom of my Green skin. 🙁

Frame only looks correct in Internet Explorer; every other browser puts scrollbars everywhere. Opera won’t even let me get out of the frame; apparently somebody needs to teach them what TARGETs are for. Netscape won’t load pages on top of frames; instead it opens a new window. Only K-Meleon gets with the program on this one.

Mirror looks nice in every browser, but the namesake’s effect shows only in Internet Explorer.

Not bad for compliance, huh? The only really un-user-friendly skin would be Frame, but even then, that can be adjusted with some nifty JavaScript. Heh.

Which browser, you may ask, is most compliant with my website? Internet Explorer, duuuh! However, every other browser has it as a tie – Infinity shows correctly in Opera, but a simple thing like CSS margins in Green is not supported in Opera! Frame looks distorted in every other browser.

On a side note, it’s a pleasant surprise to see Netscape Navigator have link highlighting (you know, those dotted lines around links when you choose them?)

There you go. You’ve passed the geek talk. You are verrry brave. Here, have my golden star sticker. 🙂

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