Free Pricing

Just like Shaz, I can claim that my dad works for the government. Well, he used to. He is now a pensioner.

Imagine the shock I got when I got home, and my mom told me I wouldn’t get free medical treatment anymore. (Not like we got to use it on my funky excema…) Firstly they spelled my name wrong (nobody has ever misspelt my name in official documents before!) and secondly, even if they did fix it, I’d have until the 18th to get it free.

On a side note, Friday’s outings gave me a lot of things to think about. One friend was ready to bust out her dad’s pension money! Eep.

After that, another friend tried sunglasses at Petaling Street. The saleswoman quoted RM25. “Errr…” “How much you want?” “RM20 can ar?

I said, “I was gonna say RM15 but nevermind.

The lady left it at RM20.

She looking in the mirror, repeating, “Does this look nice ah?” I didn’t know what to say! I got the hint that she wanted me to somehow lower the price, but I didn’t know how to, unlike Sara. If I said it wasn’t nice, she wouldn’t have bought it; if I said it was nice, how would we lower the price?

And so, she awkwardly handed RM20 to the saleswoman. My now-more-fashionable-friend and I walked awkwardly away.

Aiyah, can get for RM15 lah.
Dunno lah, shy lah… kesian the lady.
Yeah, I think it was her English. Did you hear her English? It was excellent!
Oh yealah maybe that’s why… her English was excellent lah.

As we passed by shops selling sunglasses for RM15 and RM10, she went, “Aiyoh, so wasted lah…” “What, you only paid twice the price what.

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