Turn My Head

A proper picture blog of events since last Saturday shall come soon. In short, an unofficial Xfresh gathering and Rock The World 5. However, I shall distract you with something else.

A friend was misconstrued as arrogant (or lansi as we call it in Malaysia) because she turned her head too slow during a formal introduction.

What do you do when you have such a problem? Having a slow neck?

That’s where Albert Ng, professional head-turner, will come to your service.

All I ask for is a meal in return for how I will drastically change your life. I shall train your neck. I will begin with an excruciating neck massage that invigorates the blood flow. We will then walk about in a shopping mall and I will point out false alarms.

Hey! Was that Utt we just passed?

5 O’clock! Some guy who looks like Adam Sandler!

I guarantee you that after my certified neck-training, your neck will be up to speed with that girl in The Exorcist.

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