Akon – Lonely is an irritating song.

Bobby Vinton‘s original, Mr. Lonely, is nowhere as irritating, as it seems as they sped it up. Even the high pitched wail goes up differently; imagine the feel of songs like Blue Moon. Everybody likens the voice to Alvin And The Chipmunks, but why doesn’t anybody remember Disney’s Chip ‘N Dale’s Rescue Rangers? That was a classic. I know. I watched it regularly and even loved the platform game. I even had a mini-crush on Gadget, the girl mouse.

Compare that to Alvin and the chipmunks, which you could get irritated with.

But then again, back then as kids, even if you were profusely irritated with a cartoon, you’d still watch it. We were stupid in that way. Like Dennis The Menace. Like Mighty Mouse. He was perfect. Female mouse cries. Mighty Mouse comes. No effort. Whap boom bang. With such cartoons I say, ban testing of chemicals on animals!

3 thoughts on “Ronery

  1. cheneille Post author

    well when i first heard it i liked it very much. after a while d radio started overplaying it (oh right when does the radio NOT overplay songs) and some annoying people started singing it in classes, in the corridors, and oh Kon i’ve even heard one doin a chipmunk imitation in the LOO!! ugghh…
    and HEY i prefer to think of us then as more Tolerant and Patient and at peace with everything, even irritating cartoons.


    *ehem* sorry.. got carried away.

  2. YK Post author

    my favourite rodent is Danger Mouse. No, not that DJ who mashed up Jay-Z’s black album & the beatles’ White album into a cult favourite Grey Album.

    anyway I reckon that people will think everything with a Chipmunk-sound is cute.

    I think Heathcliff the cat is annoying.


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