Hitchin’ A Ride

Yeah I know this yet again supersedes anything I was supposed to write, including the loads of pictures of the Fete De La Musique 2005, but anyway.

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, or H2G2 for short, was good.

If you like me, or think I am even remotely funny, you will enjoy this movie, because it eerily reminds me of things I’d say.

Sure, some of it was over-the-top inaneness, but some were really superbly witty. A geek will get the most kicks out of this. Like Resistance Is Useless. 8)

Smart and parodying. More out of this world than Men In Black will ever be. Futurama amplified. British humour (oh my gosh, Albert spells the Queen’s English!) around every nook and cranny. If the Americans have coffee, the British have tea. I drink tea.

4 thoughts on “Hitchin’ A Ride

  1. Az Samad Post author

    I haven’t had a chance to really check out Monty Python yet. I think I was way too young the first time I was exposed to those. Will check them out.. Hmm..

  2. Yi Jian Post author

    You gotta gotta watch monty python films. Go download them from somewhere. If you think Hitchhiker is funny (douglas adams wrote a bit for Monty Python), Monty Python is a hundred times more funny than H2G2. British humour beats american deadbeat comedians all the way.

  3. jaX Post author

    i watched h2g2 coupla days ago. having read only the first 2 chapters of the book, and listened to maybe 5 or 6 snippets from the original bbc radio programme, i knew very little about the details. so maybe it was that lack of information that killed the movie for me.

    or the fact that sitting on spiky grass at starlight cinemas isn’t exactly…comfy.


    anyway, i found the movie funny, in the way most brit shows are funny. it was nice that i watched h2g2 with my sis, a huge fan of brit comedy and a fellow black adder addict, because at least i didn’t have to feel like an idiot guffawing at jokes that no one else got. so yes, h2g2 was funny.

    but i got pretty bored halfway through the movie. not all of the humour of the book or the radio show translated properly onto the big screen, which was a huge shame. i doubt any other director or any other cast could have made h2g2 more engaging…some things just don’t work that well on the big screen.


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