Ewww The Perfume

I think crossdressing/transvestite/transsexual perfume salespeople rock.

If I had a department store, I would hire them for the night shift. Simply because:

  1. They are passionate about the job! They know their stuff! Salesgirls are generally uninformed about their product, around Malaysia at least.
  2. They can shout! “Paging for Ms. Lee!
  3. They’re less likely to be hit on by men with perfect vision.
  4. They don’t have a curfew. “Sial budak aku baik dia tak payah balik rumah.
  5. They won’t get bored and run away to work in KFC or something. A girl would probably just work for the money.
  6. They can reach for top shelves.
  7. They’re less prudish than those salesgirls.

So next time you see one of those, please understand that they are simply the better labor solution.

Edit: They also don’t have an excuse to be cranky every month. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ewww The Perfume

  1. tech Post author

    very nice point of view you got there man. now to lead them fighting for their rights. what say you??? they need a leader in you i think….

  2. evan Post author

    awesome awesome awesome post. haha. i love your last tip: they also dont have excuse to be cranky every month! got me rolling on the floor. =P AIYER

    why ur comment box so small one.


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