Medical Coverage

ASTRO rocks. They take care of their employees. I got one of these for free:

Now I can stand behind express buses and go, “you can’t hurt me!” Now I can go to the smoking section of ASTRO and hang out with the cool people.

2 thoughts on “Medical Coverage

  1. tech Post author

    i tried to find one of those "normal" surgical mask. but i couldn’t find one. luckily my shop has one of those huge mask that we use when we apply the chemical to the car. i wore that on my way home today. and i feel like i’m Darth Vader!!! hahahahahah!!! i rule!!!

    *yes i do get weird look from ppl when i stop at the traffic light…

  2. az Samad Post author

    lucky you man. i was in midvalley searching in a pharmacy for one of those thingys and they were out of stock! take care dude. the smoke, (it’s smoke, not haze) is bad.


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