Fazz February

8th February 2014: GIG ALERT! : FAZZ @ The Bee Publika (yes, the event was 8th February 2014 then apparently repurposed for 8th March 2014.)

Fazz plays Broadway-cabaret-styled music.

Fun fun fun!

Kevin asks, “what’s the point?” to immensely catchy, danceable music.

Raja Farouque on bass, and occasionally guitar, is always smiley.

Jone, half-Thai drummer who gives the music that start-stop drama.

The rabbit wears a hat.

Grace on keyboard on synthesizer.

They have an infectious energy on stage. A must-see act!

Grace with her hot-teacher look.

Farouque doing the shredder-rock Billy Sheenan-ish pose. Wrong gig, dude!

They did a Disney tribute!

Grace unties her hair for serious musicality. So hot.

They also covered two Beatles songs – I Saw Her Standing There and Oh Darling.

Then it was somebody’s birthday…

…so Grace sang Happy Birthday in Korean, because she is after all Korean.

In the audience, Joni and John were spotted. Their table initially was packed, but all the kids left, leaving the married couple sitting there, guarding the bags.

Besides the honky dirty sound of the synthesizer, used previously to cover dubstep and Daft Punk, there was the youthful sound of the melodion.


Towards the end, there was a Russian Kalinka…

…I think.

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