MOB presents Pisco Live Mic v.26

12th February 2014: MOB presents Pisco Live Mic v.26, at Pisco Bar, Jalan Mesui!

Before Ministry Of Blunk’s set was an open jam, with this blues meister.

Nur Izzati, with Isaac on kajon (not pictured.)

Random white guy, because Pisco Bar rolls it like that.

Kevin Theseira, surprise of the night, playing bass and singing! Ever since I got my acoustic fretless bass I’d wondered why nobody did that. He covered Katy Perry – Teenage Dream, Lullaby Of Birdland, and Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You.


Raja Farouque brought a guitar this time!

Esmond, with Keino’s guitar.

Superb beatboxing.

Farouque takes his regular instrument for Fazz.

Grace and her synthesizer!

Kevin Vong brings us to Broadway.

Isaac, on the band I know him for…

Ministry Of Blunk!

Vishnu on Kelvyn Yeang’s beautiful guitar (so beautiful I forgot her name) and Kevin sessioning on some really funky, funky lines. I can’t wait to hear the two tracks fully produced.

Shane Tan, blues-laden frontman, passing the mike.

The night turns into a jam, and Farouque is up again, playing an instrumental cover of Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight.

Grace also sang Happy Birthday to Shane, in Korean, and later had her synth talk.

Kevin on the mike again.

Keino Mess.

Cassandra Chong!

Grace shoots. Does she score?

Nur Izzati again.

Grace on melodion, needing a mike.

Keino has this song that I can’t get out of my head, but I don’t remember the title. The chorus asks “Why?“, repeatedly.

This is just such a big mishmash.

Harmonica man.

Pisco Bar isn’t all that evenly lit.

Cassandra does Peggy Lee – Fever and a version of Summertime that is off the charts of funkability.

More blues and Jimi Hendrix!

Maha Jeffrey does a gritty Hey Joe.

Cassandra teleports to the drums.

The harmonica man now sings.

Poova, soul diva, randomly walked in and was passed the mike.

What a night!

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