More cool pictures!

Scene from Arlia‘s car. I set the white balance to the clouds, making the sun tint. The above branch came into the picture by accident.

This was in KL Plaza.

5 thoughts on “Escalate-r

  1. aprilcherrie Post author

    wow cool.. i like the first and third pics 🙂 i snaps some pic like the first pic before oso 🙂 but after that i have my first car accident in my LIFE

  2. Justin Guber Post author

    Dude, I’ve been watching your pic-skills for a while and I need your help for my movie (if you have the time): I need photos of DVD stalls, pirated DVD’s, pirated clothes, shoes, CD’s, anything pirated. Stalls, shops, whatever. In as cool a way as you can think of. My Canon has gone to snap pics of the Great Gig In The Sky and your visual style is quite nice. Some pics may end up in the movie, some might even end up on the promotional material. Go buckwild (hi-res, of course). Help me, Albert-Wan-Kenobi, you’re my only hope…


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