Feedback Open Mic / 90s Throwback @ The Bee Publika ft Shelley Leong & Seth Lael / February 2014 Edition

25th February 2014: Feedback Open Mic / 90s Throwback @ The Bee Publika ft Shelley Leong & Seth Lael / February 2014 Edition! Fuzzy who sings a song I can’t get out of my head.




Nazrin covers Barenaked Ladies – Allstar. Truly 90s.

Steve Aoki spotted at the counter.

Nurul Zaina, all smiles.

Fahmi Reza and Lew Pik-Svonn, awesome activists – for their work in making activism accessible to the younger crowd.

I’d bumped into them after hearing of another gig going on at Black Box, Publika – DOOM – Live in Kuala Lumpur!

Came back to see Lost Symmetry.


Shelley Leong, first featured act of the night.

Shelley had taken on more instruments than I’d seen her with before – meet the percussive instruments!

Her husband Seth, on guitar.


With that poke, his guitar transformed into an electric guitar.

Shelley, with awesome hair. I say this as I reminisce my previous long-haired hairstyle.

Seth has a cool gadget on his guitar…

…that interfaces with his iPad and iPhone!

Seth Lael, second featured act of the night.

He had some very unique-sounding music. Also, Zalila on djembe!

Remy J. doing an interesting variation – an emo four-piece band, unlike his happy solo self. It was pretty nice to hear this variation, though!

Keino Mess. Awesome fro, bro!

Faizz Ariff.


They have this awesome Rage Against The Machine-like sound!

Tight three-piece band.

Basil Foo.


Perhaps I should’ve asked, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” to have her reply, “Yes, I have the foot injury to prove it.”

Ariff AB.


Joined by his bandmate from Bassment Syndicate, Marcus.

Basil won the challenge, to do the best rendition of a 90s song.

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