One Of One

Instead of listing what I did this year (which is basically sleep, eat, play guitar and blog so far), or listing what I did last year, I’ll list what I did in the past few New Years.

1st January 2001: This would be the last year I’d celebrate it at home.
1st January 2002: I was in the office with Paul and Joey. We did a three-way handshake to usher the new year.
1st January 2003: Rock The World 3 was held in a parking lot near KLCC. At midnight, Emmett of Butterfingers was on stage. “Oh. Fireworks.” His expression was timeless; we were expecting it to come minutes later! After all that, I proudly walked to Ampang Park, instead of KLCC, avoiding the Malaysian Book Of Records’ largest human sandwich.
1st January 2004: Trent, Ed, Jasmine and I walked back and forth a few times from Bintang Walk to KLCC. We were in front of Haagen Dazs in Lot 10 when the countdown happened. Being in such a crowd, with everybody spraying each other with foam sprays and giving everybody a free hair coloring in the spirit of Sungei Wang fashion, and feeling like puking after smelling all that spray – now that was a moment (or a few hours) worth experiencing at least once in your life.
1st January 2005: A tsunami had just struck, so we Malaysians were not encouraged to celebrate. Gigs were cancelled, and celebration was muted. Shaz and I were at his collegemate’s place in Bangsar, where I first tried shisha, and tested out my newly acquired Canon Powershot A400.
1st January 2006: Over the hills and far away, I was at Shelley‘s balcony in Cheras, watching the fireworks. I took pictures, but they were disappointing and shall come in a later post.

2 thoughts on “One Of One

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Uh, that was actually last year… I changed from the A400 to A520 (which you’ve seen) already. 😛

  2. Laynie Post author

    You have a new camera!! Well good for you, but I’m still waiting for my camera phone from Dad. *pouts*


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