Backside Boys – Wash Your Body

Oh my god it’s back again
Brothers, sisters, everybody’s sick
We’re gonna bring the rain clouds show you how
I’ve got a question for you
Better answer now (yeah)

Is it polluted? (Yeah)
Is it unhealthy? (Yeah)
Is it bad for you? (Yeah)
Is it everything you never needed?
Wash your body now

Everybody (yeah)
Wash your body (yeah)
Wash your body, right
Haze is back, alright

Please don’t burn in open air
Spray water like you just don’t care
If you want a doctor let me hear you cough
Cause it’s got us gasping once again


So everybody, everywhere
Don’t be afraid, don’t have no fear
Gonna tell the world, make it understand
As long as there is burning
It’ll be coming back again


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