Shagger Way – The Bugger

Every morning
There’s that bugger standin’ by the rear end of my sore red derriere
He knows I hate it but I’m forced to let it in there
Until I buy his six-pack of beer
Couldn’t take it out – lubricate with cream
Once again as predicted that it hurt so much that I scream
‘Cause it tore the seam
Something’s got me itching
Made me start the scratching
I can’t stand the pain
Didn’t say we could do it – you knew but you just did it again
That bugger say

Aaahh… Every morning… Aaahh… Every morning…
It gets stuck up
Shut the door bugger don’t scream so loud
This always goes wrong – this takes too long
I don’t feel okay this is not the way
Every morning
There’s a bugger trying not to wake me
From my half-unconscious state
I know it’s his idea and I know he thinks I like it
But I prefer that he mast the bed
Something’s so relieving when you start removing
Makes you aroused again
Said we shouldn’t do it I know you wanna do it again

Aaahh… Every morning… Aaahh… Every morning…
When I wake up
Hit the door baby don’t hit on me
Aaahh… Every morning… Aaahh… Every morning…
My coffee cup
It feels so sticky – I don’t know, icky?
He always sticks it up my rear – oh dear
He always licks it up with cheer
Every morning…
There’s a slient moaning from the earshot of my really sleepy head
Of course it’s not me but I’ll see
If I can escape for the weekend or else I’ll be dead
Wet the door hey you’re too absurd
Every morning… Every morning…
Lesions, bruises
Get the first aid now I just don’t care how
Every morning… Every morning…
I don’t like what he does
Keep it to yourself do that bookshelf
Every morning… Every morning…

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