Third Horned Kind – Bovine

I wish you would come to school much more often
You could lose marks for being the one who was always absent
And if you do not like to see books again
I would understand it drives you insane

He has it thick for facial hair
Could say it’s better than being bare
No rules it had complied
We’re bored to death he’ll steal us a fish
The teacher’s left – great, but we’re wimpish
Who knows what’s inside
Well everyone I know has got an idea
They say, “Throw the cow away”

I wish you would stop from eating so much beef
You could get thrashed your party crashed and lose some of your teeth
And you better not dare cross paths in the rain
Watch out for his horns or drop in the drain

Watch out for his tail, it’s swarming with fleas
He’ll infect you with mad cow disease
From you mouth bursts foam
He’s got an Elvis cut that’s out of style
They’ve snipped it off on the floor a pile
And then, and then he runs home
Everyone knows who to find for blue stars smoking cigars
You can find him with the bars


I would understand – throw those VCD’s away
I wish you would stop it cos’ that’ll be your end
I would understand

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