Ever Rear – Swinger of Mine

Swinger of mine
Tell me what have you seen
You know I can’t close my eyes
The whole film’s not censored
Swinger of mine
Take me back to the gay
Yeah when I was still your virgin boy
Then before you went astray

I remember blue flicks helping you lick
I loved the way you made me high
I loved it just for the kicks
You would take me to the pornie
Staying away from the bitch
You would make me kiss their faces
Trying to give a sales pitch

Swinger of mine
Tell me what did you do when you had the girl beside you then
But you did not seem to know
Swinger of mine
Tell me what do you see
When you look back in history
Whose virginity?

I was freezing cold too raw to know how
Was it easy for me to be a strip dancer in a bad neighborhood
Sometimes you’d send me a porn picture
Telling me what’s the deal
But I never was good as you were
Like, you knew how to kneel

Swinger gave me away
Don’t know why until today
We were not okay
We were on the display
To both our dismay
I’m sorry for the delay

Swinger gave me away – we gave up anyway
Swinger licked away – swinger took it away
Swinger swung away – my happy times went away
Yeah yeah oh yeah

Swinger of mine
Tell me what have you seen
Yeah I can’t close my eyes or it would get swallowed
Swinger of mine
Tell me how do you sleep
When the condoms you abandoned become AIDS for you to keep
I will try to be safe on you is my whole blame
I will always have STD’s – should have known it had came
Now I am a grown up
But I’d rather not beg
I don’t even have a broken cup
Don’t want to be a fag

Swinger walked away – swinger made me astray
Swinger made me pay – I was broke then anyway
Swinger screwed my day for I had no right to say
Swinger ripped away then he taught me his way
Swinger loved his way so he taught his way
Then he walked away

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